GennaRose Nethercott is a poet, performer, and folklorist from the forests of Brattleboro, Vermont, now living in Boston. She has toured her work to libraries, schools, theaters, and poetry venues across the United States and Europe. Her writing has been published widely in journals and anthologies both online and in print. She is the winner of Spark Creative Anthology's 2015 poetry competition, the Lindenwood Review's 2015 flash fiction contest, and Holland Park Press' 2014 What's Your Place contest.


    She has been a writer-in-residence at Shakespeare & Company in Paris, Honeybee Press in Burlington, and Art Farm Nebraska. While in Nebraska, she completed a chapbook with Ben Clark entitled Dear Fox, Dear Barn, which was selected as a finalist for the Black River chapbook contest run by Black Lawrence Press.


    On sunny days, GennaRose can be found stationed on street corners typing poems-to-order from a 1952 Hermes Rocket typewriter; she has dragged her poetry-to-order booth across Europe multiple times, including a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A collection of these commissioned poems entitled Poems for Strangers was released by Honeybee Press in August 2015. She studied poetry, theatre and folklore at Hampshire College and The University of Edinburgh.

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    The Offing: excerpt from Dear Fox, Dear Barn (co-written with Ben Clark), 2016


    Leveler: "Every Meal Tastes of Premonition" from Dear Fox, Dear Barn, 2016


    Maudlin House: "Ablutions," 2016


    Spark Creative Anthology: "The Legacy," Grand Prize Winner of 2015 poetry contest

    & "Each Uisge," First Runner Up of 2014 poetry contest


    Wyvern Lit: "The Autumn Kill," "Not Spam, Please Forward," & "Daylight Savings" 2015


    The Lindenwood Review: "The Someone on the Roof," Winner of 2015 fiction contest (print only)


    Alternating Current: "The Death & Birth of Jesse James on April 3rd, 1882," 2016 Charter Oak Award finalist


    Belleville Park Pages: "Being a Hero Is Not The Same as Being a Winner," 2014

    & "what we give away," 2014


    Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal: "The Sea God Dreams of Land," 2015


    Again I Wait For This To Pull Apart anthology (FreezeRay Poetry): "Justin Timberlake

    Gives Lessons in Shapeshifting," 2015 (print only)


    Cleaver Magazine: "Skin," 2014


    Rust + Moth: "Fuel," 2014


    Axolotl Magazine: "Paper Children," 2014


    Holland Park Press: "Departures," Winner of 2014 poetry contest


    Custom poetry written on the topic of your choice-- either by individual request, or available for events.

    How to order a poem online: Send the subject of your desired poem to genna.nethercott@gmail.com; the topic can be as detailed or specific as you like. GennaRose will then email you your personalized poem within one week. Once your poem has been received you can leave a donation of your choice via PayPal to genna.nethercott@gmail.com.


    Poetry ordered online can also be written on an antique typewriter and delivered by post. If you prefer this option, please specify in your initial order. Should you desire a physical poem by mail, a slightly higher donation would be greatly appreciated to account for stationery and shipping costs.


    Poems-to-order can also be commissioned in person at GennaRose's pop-up poetry stand.

    Bring Poems-to-Order to your next party or event: The poetry stand can be hired for events, parties, weddings, etc. Email genna.nethercott@gmail.com for more information.


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